Insurance Litigation Witness

witnessiStock_000005559204MediumAre you a Policyholder or an Insurance Company involved in Insurance Coverage litigation alleging Bad Faith, Improper Coverage Denial, Claim Handling issues, Duty to Defend, or Failure to Settle? Policyholders and Insurance companies have retained Tommy Michaels of T. R. Michaels Claim Consulting, LLC as an Insurance Expert Witness. His 40+ years of Insurance Claim experience and coverage litigation experience are invaluable in knowing the Custom and Practice of Claim Handling, Coverage Analysis and Interpretation.

Tommy Michaels’ experience in Property and Casualty Claims includes direct claim handling, supervising claim handlers, managing claim offices, asserting coverage positions, as well as being deposed over 30 times in Insurance Litigation.

Tommy Michaels, as an expert witness, has provided deposition and trial testimony, prepared expert reports in compliance with FRCP 26(2)(B), and has been used as a Consulting Witness.